Colourised Photographs

Seen through the lens of a monochrome camera, we tend to experience history at a distance. By colourising images from years long gone, I hope to reconnect both myself and others with the past. You can view a selection of my work below.

Are you looking for a meaningful gift for a family member? You can get your family photographs colourised here.


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Alice Bacon

Labour MP and Chair of the UK Labour Party 1950-1970

Tony Benn

British Postmaster General and Minister of Technology 1964-1970

Judith Hart

Minister for Overseas Development and Chair of the UK Labour Party 1977-1982

Arthur Greenwood

Minister of Health and Deputy Leader of the UK Labour Party 1929-1945

Jennie Lee

British Minister for Arts 1964-1970

Hugh Foot

British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and British Ambassador to the United Nations 1964-1970

Herbert Morrison

Leader of the House of Commons and Deputy British Prime Minister 1945-1951

Lucy Middleton

Labour MP for Plymouth Sutton 1945-1951

Caroline Ganley

Labour and Co-operative MP for Battersea South 1945-1951

Aneurin Bevan

British Minister for Health and Housing 1945-1951

Margaret Bondfield

First British female cabinet minister and Labour MP 1923-1931

Stafford Cripps

British Chancellor of the Exchequer and Minister for Aircraft Production 1942-1950

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Colourised photographs make the perfect gift for friends and family members no matter the occasion: birthdays, Christmas, father/mother’s day or a wedding.

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Type of image


Single portrait, simple background (e.g: blank wall, simple interior)£15
Single portrait, complex background (e.g: outdoor scenery)£18
2-3 people, simple background£24
2-3 people, complex background£28
4-10 people, simple background£35
4-10 people, complex background£40
Anything not covered by the aboveTBC
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